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Jason B


Jason B.


Headquarters in Avon, Connecticut

Want to speak directly to our owner email him at:

Meet the MAnager of AD Global,LLC.

Jason B is a passionate kind hearted person that will help anyone he is able to. He decided to create a company in the digital marketing space because it helps businesses in a way it would make an impact like a ripple effect.

Website Design & SEO was the perfect avenue for Jason. Not only does his SEO agency help businesses that provide important services he builds a community of clients that are proud to be a part of his community.

What does he like?

Love of Dogs
Germain Shepard & Border Collie 100%

He loves all dog types but everyone has a preferred dog breed. He highly enjoys Border Collies and German shepherds.

Favorite Movie
Forrest Gump 89%
All Scary Movies 1-6 79%
White Chicks 85%

He said, "I love movies that can make you laugh hysterically or cringe whichever comes first." His sense of humor is unapologetically funny. He loves the environment he has created and strives to build it bigger one smile at a time.

Favorite Sport
Soccer 92%
American Football 83%
Basketball 77%
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