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Conversion Rate Optimization

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What is CRO?

 It’s the practice of increasing your website’s conversion rates so you can get more people converting into customers. There are many different strategies that businesses use when it comes to online marketing, but we are able to do this with pay-per-click campaigns or SEO services which help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). A company website might have 5 new users visit to their site each day for example, if after a few days these visitors convert then on average we would say there was an overall % completion rate. This means ROI becomes important trackable for each lead.

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Why Should We Care for CRO?

This is the question we should all be asking ourselves. conversion rate optimization or CRO for short could help your business grow and flourish with increased efficiency it’s not a bad thing to invest in! If you’re not doing anything to increase your conversion rate, then why would anyone want what YOU have? Keep up with the latest trends and make sure that all of YOUR customers are happy!