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How To Find A Domain Name For My Business Website That Was Not Taken

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AD Global the Digital Marketing Agency guide to help your business to see accurate success – Have you began to build a website and then realized that you need a domain name. This guide will help your business with its domain problem.

This process Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult and it shouldn’t be. We will lead you to find thousands of domain names in no time. Lets us show you how To Find A Domain Name For My Business Website That Was Not Taken There are 6 simple steps to finding a great domain name for your website and remember that this is one method and there are many other methods to follow.

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Pick a broad name for your niche

Imagine owning a resurant you probably want a cool name or a revelant name your customers would remember from a glance of your brand right. You want a domain name that’s going to be kind of amazing, but yet searchable meaning that there are people searching for that domain name right now that you’re trying to get a hold of.

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Use Tools To Find Thousands Of Possible domain names

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A lot of brainpower is used when trying to figure out a domain name for your business. there are many ways that you could find a domain name. In fact, you can find thousands of potential domain names and can be done using 5 different tools that are FREE.

You will always need a domain name for a website so Let us show you how we operate when it comes to finding a business domain name. when you try researching a new business website or a new business idea you may have try using a free tool called “keyword sheeter” and yes, it is a real keyword tool that is completely free. Next there will be a search box you may type in your desired keyword.

Use a domain website database

You can use many websites to accomplish your goals but one that can show millions of expired, available, in use, or deleted domains is called expired domains. Use their advanced search tool when you sign up for a free account. When you use the search tool you will have so many options available to guide you to your desired domain. We will brush up more on expired domains.

expired domain-name look up

How to use the search function to find available domains

So let’s go with the restaurant example that we were describing in the restaurant scenario. Now try typing in restaurant in the search bar then go down and hit search, look how many are popping up. Okay so in just a few moments we produced hundreds of keywords. So what we’re going to do next is to just highlight all of these keywords and copy them. Then we’re going to go to another FREE tool from call “Bulk Domain Search.”

So when you find out you have people looking for this keyword try to find a preferred domain with a high CPC which stands for cost per click which is an advertisers gauge in keeping accurate statistics and anyone that clicks on the keyword is going to pay a certain amount even if no one buys anything is what they call the CPC Competition which can be pretty high so the competition is high but it will be a plus if the keyword domain is available.

Useful Tools To Use To Enhance Your Online Business

let’s try a google search, let’s see what we can find in a Google search, so when inputting in that domain name and using certain tools like SEOquake you can see how many searches a month, the search sizes, Keyword difficulty and much more so if you had a website or trying to find one, this could possibly be a great tool. Another useful tool would be the Wayback machine which can give you in-depth information about the domain you may be interested in all the way back to the website’s inception date. We will brush up on more of some helpful tools to improve your SEO in another article.

Purchase your domain name

Lets brush up on a good domain registrar. When you find the domain you want to purchase you must find a domain registrar like Godaddy, Namecheap, Ionos formerly known as, or others not listed. Now they’re going to give you the opportunity to buy all the .net, .Org, .info remember the reason you want to do this for your business is that you want to avoid duplicate or others rivals from diluting your brand. So many things could happen if you decide not to, protect your self at all costs.

Purchase web hosting then build your wonderful website

Hosting is the engine behind the vehicle it is a major factor when it comes to making your website live. you can get it for pretty cheap going through many different avenues. We hoped you enjoyed this and I hope you like this tutorial.

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