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Service Cancelation

What Occurs When I Cancel AD GLOBAL Services?

If you’re on this page, We feel your pain and hate to see you leave. However, we understand that business is business and we cannot be sad for too long. The purpose of this article is to explain what our cancellation process looks like and what to expect from us. If you’d like to submit some feedback to me personally about our service, please send an email to I will do my best to see what is the right steps we can take and you remain both a respected friend and a trusted client. So let’s get things on a roll, what occurs when you cancel service with AD Global?


Table of Contents

The two options You have when canceling

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Before you leave, you have potentially two options. Your first option is to momentarily pause your service this will keep your website active online. Your second option is to cut all ties with AD Global and cancel all of your services, including website hosting and anything associated with your website. Please continue reading for a breakdown and detailed explanation of the options you have available at this time.

Thoughts of Canceling?

If you’re an active marketing client with AD Global, we may be managing your SEO and ads campaign. If we are managing your SEO and website, you have the option to choose which one you want to cancel. If you want only the marketing services and you want to keep your website hosted with our agency AD Global. We would ensure there are no fluctuations in your online rankings and website online status. We can also make sure your custom widgets, plugins, and other software created by AD Global will continue to operate as designed and intended purpose. Our custom widgets  and software include, but are not limited to:

Cancel All Marketing Services

When you are canceling marketing services, AD Global will discontinue, remove, and stop all the below:

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ALL Ongoing SEO efforts: We stop analyzing and mapping out your keywords, writing Articles and meta descriptions, blogging, content outreach, and building backlinks, and social media links to your site.

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Experienced Copywriting: We will not create any new articles and we cannot build any more articles no matter the request we are not a copywriting or blogging company we can only perform this service as a client.

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Online Directory Listings: We turn off your online directory listings sync and keep this available for 15 days then we completely remove them, which in the long run will bring your business information back to what it originally was when you began working with AD Global,LLC. This includes listings on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and 50+ other places.

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Website Chat: We completely remove the 24/7 live chat ability from your website. Your site visitors will have to now use the phone or the contact form on your site is the only way to contact you.

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Online Advertising: All online Ads will be paused and turned off for you that  AD Global has created. This includes social media, Yelp ads, and Google SERP. Your data may or may not be lost depending on the Ad account length and your specific agreements with AD Global.

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Local Ads: AD Global will remove your local ads if applicable, and will release your login details if you want to leave our contract for our services.

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Call Tracking: AD Global will pause and remove the lead tracking call recording ability on your site and you will no longer be able to listen to call leads in your campaign

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Accounts Management: You will have access to your website to make edits yourself, our management team will not be available for strategy, implementation, or execution of any soft. We will still provide general help on how to use your CMS WordPress.

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Blogging: AD Global will stop the targeting of keywords and keyword phrases. We will stop using blogging tactics and content marketing campaigns to create new keyword opportunities for your business.

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Website Design management: We will no longer be able to provide requests to design edits, changes, page updates, icons, sections, or graphics for all website elements.

You will keep your website hosted with AD Global for a fee of $99 per month for technical hosting which includes:

  • Website security
  • Website management
  • Technical maintenance
  • Website https/ security protocol
  • Advertising and landing pages

This option does not have a minimum contract commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Canceling of Your Website and Marketing Services combined

This option is strongly frowned upon. Since AD Global uses a content management system, you can log in at any time to manage your own website at any time. By canceling all services with AD Global, including the hosting and management of your website, you acknowledge the fact that AD Global will no longer engage with your website in any capacity for any reason. This includes technical support and security, which puts you at a heightened risk for a broken and compromised business website.


How we export your website

At the time of your cancellation, AD Global will export all of your existing site files. After the export is complete, your developer of choice can install them on the CMS you’re moving to. your developer is going to have to have the knowledge to take the files we created and install them onto your new CMS, which carries a high likelihood of creating potential issues, bugs, or crashes with font styling, text or schema, media, and images, loss of local SEO ranking, organic SEO rankings, and potential downtime with your business website domain.

Your ranking will fluctuate and your website may be disrupted

Removing our services will cause your keyword rankings to drop in the search engines, to what extent we do not know as we are no longer tracking your keywords or rankings. When migrating if your developer is not skilled they may cause downtime if the developer is not cautious. At the time of cancellation, AD Global will export your website files, discontinue hosting, and turn off your billing profile with us.

AD Global is not responsible for lost assets during the export process

The new web master handling this transition for you may not be skilled in SEO and therefore may cause issues with your current SEO standings once the site is transferred. There is nothing we can do for you it is out of our hands. 

Please NoteADGLOBAL is not responsible for any lost or corrupted media or files that do not make it through the export process. We also cannot revert the damage done by a faulty transfer process by your new web developer. We will do our best to make your transfer as easy as possible, but continued performance will not continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some questions about cancellation regardless of the option you choose. See some of the commonly asked questions about cancellations and if you need any further assistance, reach out to AD Global.

No, we do not own your website at any time for the building, implementation or cancelation. Your website is hosted by AD Global servers on the known as Ionos Web Services program. At anytime, you can request the export of your sites files to install on another content management system. AD Global is not liable for any content, media, graphics, or plugins lost during this automatic export process.

If you are on a contract currently with AD Global services, you will be asked to pay the remaining balance due for the rest of the agreement for the export of your AD Global website. It is likely that AD Global has invested a significant amount of resources into your campaign and therefore the balance must be paid in full prior to total cancellation.


No, your domain name is owned by you. When you signed up, you granted access to AD Global to access your domain name profile.

From there we were able to edit your DNS records with our CNAME, and (A) records to publish our version of your website onto your domain name. At anytime, you can remove our records and your AD Global site will no longer be active.

As soon as your company cancels, we take the necessary steps to remove all records of you. This means purging any payment methods on file for your business and erasing everything in Basecamp as well as your campaign including files that were worked on together with our proprietary tools like texts or emails! We do reserve rights over contact form data because it was collected using special technology designed just for this type of situation – but rest assured these details won’t ever be used unless there’s an emergency requiring immediate attention

Your marketing services can be paused for as long as you need, and the cost will stay low. If you pause your service there’s no risk of losing Your marketing services will be paused in the event that you choose to migrate down-temporarily. The pausing of your account may lower SEO rankings and stop any leads from seeing your digital ads, but we recommend taking this into consideration before making such a decision

Your current document can be sent to you at anytime by contacting your account manager at AD Global. Additionally, you can search your email for “AD Global agreement” and find the current active agreement.


No – if you choose to leave AD Global we will not do anything malicious activity with your website’s SEO status, ranking or content and will do everything in our power to export the site the way we optimized it originally.

AD Gllobal can NOT however, guarantee that the new developer taking over your website’s management understands SEO and the migration or CMS process to preserve SEO rankings. We encourage these clients to keep a close eye on their analytics to see if there have been any sudden decreases in web traffic when doing the migration.

We only keep your data for 15 to 30 days and after that we cannot guarantee we still have your information in our possession to revert back to a previous version. 

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